Hit me with your best SHOT! + Updates!

Happy new year!!

How is everyone doing this fine end of 2013! it seems like yesterday that we were thinking that the world would be ending in fire. Honestly who actually thought that? so ive been working alot lately and havent had ebought time to blog or read as much as i wanted too, But its a new year which means new years resolutions…….. If i keep them that is.

  1. Read more!- I want to review more on this blog. since it is the reason the reason that i started it
  2. Get more albums- I want to branch out more and get into music more (mainly Rock,metal,alternative)
  3. Grow my book shelf.
  4. Go out more
  6. San Francisco!
  7. Los Angles
  8. GET LISCENSE      

So those are my 8 new years resolutions that i want to accomplish this up coming year!! Be safe! 





Rants here.

You know? You can never forget your first love? We’ll good thing it hasn’t found me. But in some occasions I did think I did find it. Was I dead wrong. This guy i dated… No I had a fling with, is an idiot. Massive idiot. He smokes, drinks, stupid, arrogant,does nothing but party gives me a call on my bday. Saying ‘hey loser, um I think it’s your birthday? Yea NO! Ugh I don’t even know what I saw in that douche! Was I insane or insane? Both! Jesus! how come nobody told me other wise? First I’m not a loser second I WILL NOT HANG OUT WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS BAIL OUT LAST MIN! Asshole.

The good the bad.. The Miley

So the Vmas were yesterday. I, as a nineties junkie was watching just for the N’sync! I mean come on who wouldn’t want to see jc Chasez ( he was my favorite by the way!) Justin! oh my my my! Did you do an amazing job! Timberlake stole the show last night it was amazing! Enough with that. lets go into the topic that everyone and their mom is buzzing about! And half of the comments are negative by the way. I’m taking about miley Cyrus and the performance that makes Britney Spears Vma opener have a tony! If she wanted to go sexy she should have turned the other way. Come on a bear onsie? seriously? Tweaking? On a married man none the less. A man twice your age? that performance was just BAD! Was it just me ot did taylor swift act so immature?

Oh well thats my take on last night! talk to you late!


Hello sweetie.

Ok so that was a dr who quote!! Sorry for that! We’re do I start? Oh yes. My name is Evelyn with five million other names to go with that. I prefer Evie. Um.. Where do I go with this into? I guess you can say I’m just like other 20 year old out therein this huge planet we call earth. I’m quiet. I listen. I don’t like being the center of attention. Give me some hot cocoa and a book, and ill be fine. Well I don’t know what else to say? I’m off on the tardis. GODSPEED